How to Buy a Kelowna Home With Acreage

Acreages in Kelowna BC

Kelowna Home With Acreage

Finding the right acreage is one of the best things, but you must ensure you find the right one for you. finding the right one will give you years of enjoyment, especially when it supports your vision. There has been a growing number of people leaving the suburb life and opting for a country life. It is important to remember that buying a home with acreage is a little bit different than buying a home in the suburbs. There are a number of things buyers need to investigate about the property, to ensure that the property they are about to buy is a worthwhile investment.
Start with the service

Before you can buy a Kelowna home with acreage, you need to first consider the services including garbage collection, road maintenance, internet connectivity, snow removal, and also access to the property. You may find yourself getting a good buy but end up spending a lot of money to run electricity, water, and other services to your home. You may find yourself being charged by the foot by utility companies for them to bring services to the nearest lines, which in some cases can be miles away.

Ensure you assess the depth of existing wells, quality of water, and their condition. The septic systems should also be checked by the local health agencies. There are some tests that have to be taken if you are looking to install a septic system.

Maintenance and Insurance

The total cost of the Kelowna property will not end with the purchase. You need to plan for maintenance and improvement costs, and also insurance. There are different factors that can affect the insurance rates of the property, one being the ability the local fire department with jurisdiction in the area.

Covenant and ordinance

You should be aware of any existing protective covenant that determines how to use the land. This agreement dictates the type of animals and structures you can have on the property, and where they can be located. It also dictates who maintains the common areas like fences and shared driveways.
You need to contact the local zoning commission and then the Department of natural resources to fully understand.
Working with a realtor

Realtor With Experience In Acreages

When looking to buy property, you need to hire a realtor to help you with the process and ensure you get the best possible deal. The seller’s realtor is getting paid by the seller and is working for them. They will only get paid when the sale occurs. Hiring a realtor will help you with the process because they have a lot of experience. Buying and selling of property can be a complex process and a realtor is able to clearly explain the process and what is needed.
Know the property boundaries

There is nothing worse than paying for a property and later realizing you did not get what you paid for. You can go to the assessor’s office and see how many acres of the land are getting taxed. If there is a large discrepancy between what the seller said, you need to do some additional investigation.

Buying a home with acreage is not as hard as it may look, provided you know what you want and getting into.